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Listen up Bitches....

i might have something to say...someday...

30 May 1975
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i'm 32 and married but sometimes i still don't see myself as an adult.
somedays i love everyone and somedays i hate everyone even more.
i'm easily bored and just as easily amused.
i never claimed to make sense or to know how to act
my pets are like my children. (2 cats- rufus and charlie who we call 'pants') and i talk about them like they are.
maybe because real kids scare the crap outta me.
i work at a boring job that i believe is killing me inside.
i'm still not sure what i want to be when i grow up.
i am obsessed with books, records and netflix.
i read my friend's posts all the time but i don't update often. i mean to, but just never get around to it. i usually post friends only just 'cause.
i have a photo blog on blogger.com. i slack there too but it gets updated more often then this one.
i don't capitalize because i'm lazy and really, who gives a shit.
i usually don't spell check either.
i think monkeys are funny.
i think i am too sometimes.
50's, 50's sci-fi movies, ambien, america's next top model, animal crossing, animal rescue groups, antiques, anything banana flavored, astrology, atari, autumn, belle and sebastian, big fish, big shoes, books, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, carnivale, cat power, cats, clerks, cleveland, coffee, coffee shops, creepy stuff, david lynch, day of the dead, dexter, diet pepsi, ebay, edward gorey, elliott smith, elvis, evil, fear and loathing, friday fishfry, geminis, george romero, get fuzzy, ghost world, glitter, gone with the wind, good will hunting, grind house, hair dye, halloween, harry potter, hello kitty, horror movies, hot sauce, house of 1000 corpses, hunter s thompson, ikea, in america, insomnia, johnny cash, joy division, katamari damacy, kevin smith, kitsch, kittens, las vegas, lenore, leopard print, lip gloss, lomography, monkeys, morrissey, my husband, my so called life, new york city, nick cave, ninjas, office space, open windows, passions, photography, pink(the color), pirates, pixie sticks, post secret, pro-choice, reading, red kitchen stuff, retail therapy, rilo kiley, road trips, robots, rollerskates, sad bastard movies, sailor jerry, sanrio, scary movies, serial killers, sexy bitches, shopping, silence of the lambs, six feet under, smelling like cotton candy, smoking cigarettes, sparkly nail polish, star wars, subversive cross stitch, swimming, sylvia plath, talking, tattoos, the devil, the eels, the exorcist, the japanese, the misfits, the smiths, the virgin suicides, thrift stores, tiki, toast, traditional tattoos, tremont, twin peaks, vampires, vintage stuff, wacky socks, wearing black, weight watchers, wizard of oz, wonder woman, zombies